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With almost 2000 years of practice and experience, natural herbs have been widely used and accepted in Asian countries, and have been proven to be effective, sometime with amazing result, to re-balance your body and re-gain your health.

About Us

Angelica Natural Health

We are a team with biological science, Engineering, Herbal, Traditional Chinese Medicine practicing background. We are specialized in ancient Chinese herbal medicine (Alternative Natural Medicine). We witnessed people suffering from the suboptimal health conditions, side effects of Western medicine; we want to use our knowledge to reinvent how natural herbal products are formulated with a goal to meaningfully improve peoples’ lives.

Chinese herbal medicine

TCM system vs Medical Science

These are two totally different system for health, just like Android and iOS for phones.

TCM system focus on more about Energy/Qi flow in the body

  • TCM system believes that a good balance between Materials (organ/tissue/cell/blood) and non-Materials (Energy/Qi/Temperature) is essential to maintain the health in the body. However current science still has no way to measure the energy flow in the organ/tissue/body.

TCM system emphasizes the water distribution in organ/tissue

  • A lot of diseases are due to the water distribution irregularity in the organ or tissue, due to TCM’s theory accumulated knowledge from thousands of years of practice.
  • Water can also interact with cold/hot temperature in organ/tissue, to create more complicated problems. It has been established in TCM theory and demonstrated by TCM practice.
  • However, there’s no way to properly check the water distribution yet by modern science, and no way to check the interaction of water and temperature in organs or tissues.

TCM system emphasizes the temperature in organ/tissue

  • We all know temperature is important. And TCM practice views the temperature in organ/tissue as an essential factor during the disease treatment.
  • TCM also analyze how the temperature interact with other factors and analyze the interaction inside organ/tissue dynamically.

TCM system boosts the "self-healing" capability

  • If you believe our body has the self-healing capability, then you may see the HOPE for many diseases, instead of feeling desperate with “no-cure” from doctors.
  • In most of situation, our body’s self-healing capability is just out of the scope to get recovered. TCM uses acupuncture and herbs to increase body’s energy flow, rebalance the abnormal water distribution, correct the temperature irregularity, and eventually to boost body’s self-healing capability.
  • Our body is NOT a machine. If the machine gets wrong, then its done. Out body’s self-healing capability was underestimated by current medical science.
Fell Sad
Current Health Care Dilemma

Current health care dilemma

  • Have you ever felt sick, but your doctor told you everything is fine because your laboratory testing results showed everything is in the range?
  • Have you been diagnosed for disease, but your doctor told you that there is no cure or no specifical drug for the disease?
  • Does the medicine you take care of your initial symptoms but cause other severe side effects to other part of your body?
  • Are you suffering too much from your hormone/chemo/radiation treatment?
  • Do you know that many diseases still unknown from the standpoint of current Medical Science system?

What we offer:

  1. Consultation for your health situation and provide our analysis and feedback, according to TCM theory and practice;
  2. We have made a few herbal supplement products for general health improvement, to re-gain the energy for Liver, Kidney, Stomach system, as well as, “after-vaccine” problem, and “stroke” problem, and no-cure chronic illness.
  3. TCM heavily relies on body signals for analysis, so the consultation is very important. Because TCM believe that if something wrong “inside” of body, then the body would send out “signals” outside, such as pain, sleepy, diarrhea, etc. 
  4. Educational purpose in general for TCM.

Optimal Solutions

Do you know you are healthy? You should know your body best. We also have our HEALTH QUIZ available (in consultation), which will tell that you are truly healthy, from your own body’s signals.

  • If you are not healthy, are you willing to try something new, effective herbal supplements that make your healthy again through balancing Ying and YANG, boosting your immune system, detoxing your liver, strengthening your digestive system and improving your overall blood circulation?
  • Check our natural made herbal supplements that used in ancient folk formula with proven effectiveness for thousands of years of practice use.
  • Do you also want to be taken care as unique individual using tailor-made herbal formula that just for you? We personize our herbal formula JUST FOR YOU if needed.
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