We develop various of herb formulas to address some broad health problems, trying to improve people’s overall health situation, such as kidney problem, liver problem, digestive problem, pandemic concerns, etc.

We also provide full support and service for professional practitioners, as well as provide education, guidance for herb medicine.

Currently, we have developed following herb formula products:

l  100% Plant-based Herbal Tea

l  Based on effective formula with 2000+ years practice

l  Especially benefit for arthritis joint pain

l  Formulated with natural honey, but no sugar added.



This is not medication. It’s not subject to the same testing, manufacturing, and labeling standards and regulations as drugs. It’s herbal product. 100% Natural, but herbal product may not for everyone. Take it with caution. If not sure, ask your doctor. If feel not good, stop drinking, and go see your doctor.


It is important to remember that herbal supplements are not subject to regulation by the FDA and, therefore, have not been tested in an FDA-approved clinical trial to prove their effectiveness in the treatment or management of medical conditions. Talk to your doctor about your symptoms and discuss herbal supplements before use.


Immunity Booster Formula

Strong Immunity Booster Formula

Powerful immune health support.
Help maintain general strengthen and energy of body.
Sooth tension, provide relieve of occasional fatigue.
Improve overall health and immunity

Better Blood Circulation Formula

Strong Heart and Better Blood Circulation Formula

Promote strong heart and healthy blood circulation
Support cardiovascular function by powerful plant antioxidants
Help reduce stress related proteins for better cholesterol control
Improve whole body energy level

Kidney Herb Formula

Strong kidney Herb Formula

Promote strong kidney function
Support kidney detox
Help reduce swollen and other kidney dysfunction related imbalance
Improve whole body energy level

Healthy Digestive

Healthy Digestive Formula

Optimal digestion supports optimal health.
This herbal formula works naturally with your body to keep your digestive system strong and healthy
Help holistically with occasional digestive upset including bloating, gassing, dryness, and acid efflux.
Promote your body’s own immune defense within digestive system.

Liver Detox Function

A general herb formula to enhance overall liver detox function

Support healthy liver function naturally and holistically.
Powerful antioxidants for liver, immune & respiratory health.
Helps flush out unwanted compounds by strengthening liver detox power.
Delivers full-spectrum herbal benefits for liver health.
Promote overall healthy energy output in liver cells efficiently.

Lung Cleaner

Lung Cleaner formula for Pandemic concern

Pure herbal extracts that helped relieve Wuhan virus epidemics.
Clarifies the lungs, clears away evil, removes heat and dampness, invigorates the spleen.
Chinese official (The state Administrationof Traditional Chinese Medicine and the National Health Commission) recommended herbal remedy for Covid -19 (6th and 7th editions of the national guidelines), after clinical results show the very magical and amazing result.

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