Kidney system has essential function in body.

According to TCM, if the kidney system is weak, it will turn the hair color into white, or, people will go to restroom more often at night, or lower man’s sexuality, etc.

This recipe has the functions of warming kidney Qi, nourishing kidney Qin and kidney Yang, and improving immunity.


Best for Symptom:

  1. Gray hair (gray hair in the elderly is normal), withered and yellow hair
  2. There is often a feeling of back pain, which is more serious in sedentary and rainy days
  3. Frequent urination, urgency, increased nocturia (2 or more times per night)
  4. General weakness, easy fatigue, easy drowsiness, can not be relieved after rest
  5. Poor sleep or frequent dreams, still feeling very tired in the morning
  6. Afraid of wind and cold, more obvious in winter
  7. Can’t lift heavy objects with hands, often feel weakness in legs and heel pain when walking for a long time or going upstairs
  8. Frequent dizziness, tinnitus, loose teeth, and other dental problems
  9. Memory decline, always want to close eyes and rest, unwilling to think about problems, difficult to concentrate
  10. Men are weak in urination, and always feel that they can’t urinate
  11. Decreased sexual function, not interested in sexual intercourse, low quality
  12. Irregular menstruation in women
  13. Decreased fertility and sexual performance
  14. Edema, swelling, lumbar disc herniation, various bone problems
  15. Diabetes, cold lower body
  16. Prostatic hyperplasia/prostatitis, senile vaginitis, senile urinary incontinence
  17. Various problems before, during and after implantation of teeth


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