A case of TCM treatment (Acupuncture) for Parkinson’s Disease (PD) with video

Parkinson’s Disease Treated by Acupuncture  (Aug. 2019)

Patient, Female, 79.

Eight years ago, she was diagnosed with PD due to the progressive exacerbation of limb tremors. She took Madopar for a long time, but the curative effect was not good in the later period. After kidney cyst surgery a few years ago, the symptoms worsened. She had previous history of hypertension. Physical examination showed that the patient had a masked face (with no expression), obvious head tremor, no resting tremor in both hands, but obvious intention tremor, slightly increased muscle tension in both lower limbs, obvious resting tremor and movement tremor for lower limbs. The walking is slow and unsteady, and needs to be supported by grabbing objects, but there is no obvious panic without support, and the usual sleep is poor. Dark red tongue with white and greasy fur; weak pulse.


Diagnosis: Parkinson’s disease diagnosed by western medicine, tremor syndrome (liver and kidney deficiency, internal movement of deficiency wind) diagnosed by TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine)

This patient belongs to deficiency in origin and excess in superficiality. The origin is insufficiency of liver and kidney, and the indications are Shaoyang and Taiyang. Yangming’s meridian is not nourished.


Video Before Treatment:


First Treatment of acupuncture (on July 13, 2019)

Acupoint:FengChi,ShouSanLi(both sides)

Video After first treatment:


2nd Treatment (on July 15)

Acupoint:ShenYu、FeiYang(both sides)

Physical examination before treatment:  the intention tremor of both upper limbs has disappeared

Video After 2nd treatment:


3rd treatment (on July 17)

AcuPoint:JueYinShu、JuLiao(both sides)

Treatment is conducted once every other day,three time per week。

4th, 5th, and 6th treatment are same as last treatment(on July 19, July 21, July 23)

Video After 4th treatment:


The patient returned to the clinic after a week of rest (during the period, TCM herbal medicine was used to nourish the liver and kidney). The patient claimed that the knee joint was not moving well, and the head felt a little tremor. The rest of the symptoms did not repeat, and the seventh treatment was given. Acupoint selection: FengChi, Knee YangGuan

After 7th treatment, the head tremor was obviously relieved, and the walking was steady.

Video After 7th treatment:


Currently, still under treatment. Patient is ready to stop drug, and conduct acupuncture once a month.

Notes (thoughts):

Parkinson’s Disease is a Degenerative Neurological Disorder. All Modern Medical Science say “Parkinson’s Disease is NO CURE”, and indicate the medication only slow the progress at most. In most of time, the medication will diminish the effects when disease progress, also with side-effects. So, how can acupuncture improve the situation significantly within such a short time and without any side-effect?

If compared with the first video “before treatment”, we can see the obvious and great improvement. Acupuncture does work, and TCM theory does work. However, current science still don’t understand how acupuncture work to improve the Qi flow in the body. And science doesn’t understand how TCM (both acupuncture and herbal) works in general, because TCM focus on energy flow, Qi, Yin/Yang balance in the body, water distribution, temperature of all organs, the interaction of Qi and Blood, the interaction of different organs, the interaction of water, temperature, and organs. All of those can’t be detected/observed/verified/demonstrated by modern science yet.


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