A case of TCM treatment to CURE the rheumatoid arthritis


GanCao Academy | A case of TCM treatment of rheumatoid arthritis

Article source: GanCao Academy (translated into English)

Author: Wen Jingdong

Patient: Ms. Zhong, female, 52 years old, outpatient number: 0002****500.

First visit on July 18, 2022

Case description:

Swelling and pain of the small joints of the whole body have been recurrent for 20 years. The patient began to experience swelling and pain in the finger joints 20 years ago, which was migratory. Outpatient laboratory tests showed that the rheumatoid factor was positive, and the diagnosis was rheumatoid arthritis. I took traditional Chinese medicine intermittently. After the symptoms were relieved, I did not insist on treatment. This time, the ankle and finger joints were painful and swollen, and the ganglion cyst of the left wrist was not obvious. Eating OK, loose stool, pale tongue with white and greasy fur, deep and stringy pulse.

Therapeutic principles of traditional Chinese medicine:

Warming the meridians, dispelling cold, searching wind, dispelling dampness, clearing heat, dredging collaterals and relieving pain.

Herbal Formula:

Second consultation on July 25, 2022:

complained of joint swelling and pain lessened, feeling weak, profuse sweating, no pain, tongue and pulse same as before.

Therapeutic Principles of TCM:

Replenishing Qi, Yang, Searching Wind, Clearing Heat, Dispelling Dampness, Tongluo, Pain Relief

Herbal Formula:

On August 1, 2022, the third consultation:

the patient’s joint swelling and pain further reduced, complained of fatigue, shortness of breath, fear of wind despite the hot weather, tongue and pulse were the same as before, Chinese medicine treatment was just the same as before, added Dangshen 15gram, and attached tablets increased to 15gram.

Herbal Formula:

The fourth examination on August 9, 2022:

The ankle joints and finger joints were significantly relieved, sweating was still profuse, fatigue, fear of wind was relieved, the tongue and pulse were the same as before, Chinese medicine treatment, the effect was not changed, and the dosage of HuangQi was adjusted.

Herbal Formula:

Fifth visit on August 16, 2022:

The swelling and pain of the patient’s ankle joints and finger joints disappeared, the fatigue and shortness of breath were relieved, and the sweating was also relieved.

TCM herbal formula treatment is the same as before.

Herbal Formula: Keep ahead and take 5 more doses.


Sixth consultation on September 2, 2022:

The patient told that she had returned to work in the factory for half a month. The joint swelling and pain had not occurred, and the symptoms of fatigue and shortness of breath had also been relieved.

Herbal Formula:

Keep the previous Chinese medicine treatment with 5 doses, to keep the body at balanced.


For the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis, this patient has a long course of disease and complicated condition. Through syndrome differentiation and treatment, the addition and subtraction of Guizhi ShaoYao ZhiMu Decoction and pure traditional Chinese medicine treatment also achieved good curative effect!

I share the clinically curative cases here, to let everyone learn and improve together!


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3 thoughts on “A case of TCM treatment to CURE the rheumatoid arthritis”

  1. Is this why it’s not in English? So we can’t try it out ourselves? I’d like to take a look and see what is used for RA. Just curious, I love herbal teas! Kim

    1. Herbs in China are used as medicine. It means, herbs may have negative effect (or side-effect) for the body if the herbs are not matched with the disease.
      We don’t recommend anyone to try using herbs without professional guidance.
      We’ll write an article about the “side-effect” from the herbal medicine practice very soon.

    2. Thanks Kim! We will try to translate the components later. Please check our website for the updating. Also, we listed what’s the components of our Arthritis Herbal Tea:
      Essential Ingredients
      The hand-picked authentic Chinese herbs are totally free of chemicals, hormone and any artificial chemicals. The main ingredients are Guizhi (strengthen the body’s Yang Qi), Baishao (to nourish the body’s Ying QI), Ginger, ZhiGanCao, HuangQi, BaiZhu, FuLing, FangFeng, DongChongXiaCao, Tibet Saffron, etc.
      Guizhi and Baishao work together to balance immunoreactivity so the auto-immune reaction is eliminated. BaiZhu (Atractylodes macrocephala) and FuLing (Poria cocos) are used to remove dampness/wetness; FangFeng (Divaricate Saposhniovia Root) to remove wind; Dried mother ginger is for eliminate the cold from the joints. All the ingredients work holistically and synegically to fight the inflammation and restore the functionality of damaged joints。
      Please let us know if we can help!

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