the advantages of traditional Chinese medicine in treating gynecological diseases

Gynecological disease is a disease unique to women. Some diseases, such as a cold during menstruation, can be treated with food and relieved after rest. However, if some diseases are not treated in time, they will have serious consequences, such as low menstrual flow, which can develop into amenorrhea; vaginitis, Attachment inflammation, without timely and effective treatment, can develop into pelvic inflammatory disease, salpingitis, and even affect fertility.

Therefore, the treatment of gynecological diseases has become a concern of millions of women. Traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine have different studies on different gynecological diseases, with different treatment methods and different curative effects. Many gynecological diseases, such as irregular menstruation, habitual miscarriage, dysfunctional uterine bleeding, vaginitis, cervical erosion, immune infertility, primary dysmenorrhea, breast milk, acute mastitis, chronic pelvic inflammatory disease, fallopian tube blockage and other diseases It is suitable for Chinese medicine treatment.

Practice has proved that for the treatment of infertility, postoperative rehabilitation and health care, postpartum rehabilitation, female menopausal health care, treatment of irregular menstruation, sub-health, sexual function health care, etc., TCM conditioning has unique effects.

When women are in a sub-health state, they are more or less suffering from dysfunctional diseases, such as insomnia, anxiety, forgetfulness, weakness of limbs, numbness of hands and feet, dizziness, palpitations, loss of appetite, pale or chlorosis, facial chloasma, etc. All indicators of the physical examination are within the normal range. At this time, it should be adjusted with Chinese medicine in time. Traditional Chinese medicine can fully mobilize the body’s own mechanism of disease prevention and treatment, adjust the body’s imbalance state to a better level, thereby avoiding the occurrence of diseases. When you are suffering from gynecological diseases and seek medical advice from various places, but simply applying western medicine and western medicine has no obvious effect, you may wish to seek help from traditional Chinese medicine or a combination of traditional Chinese and western medicine, and you can receive obvious effects.

Advantage 1:

Most functional diseases such as dysmenorrhea and irregular menstruation can be treated with traditional Chinese medicine to receive better results. Because traditional Chinese medicine is mostly derived from natural animals and plants, it has few toxic and side effects. Some Chinese medicines are foods that we depend on for survival, such as yam. , Poria, Jujube, Lotus Seed, Coriander, the same medicine and food, are often used in regulating menstruation and promoting ovulation. Especially when the ovarian dysfunction is caused by irregular menstruation, high volume, amenorrhea and other diseases, Chinese medicine is given priority to conditioning, which can effectively avoid the impact of certain hormone drugs on patients.

Advantage 2:

Chinese medicine can relieve women from the psychological pressure and mental burden caused by surgery, and reduce pain. This is another characteristic of Chinese medicine in the treatment of gynecological diseases. For example, some small uterine fibroids, for women who are close to menopause or have not given birth, can be treated with Chinese medicine for regulating qi and promoting blood circulation, and softening and removing blood stasis. Some patients can treat acne and inhibit the growth of uterine fibroids while also achieving the effect of freckle removal and beauty. Natural Chinese medicine is used to regulate endocrine and enhance immunity. Traditional Chinese medicine has obvious advantages in items such as before and after surgery, postpartum rehabilitation, women’s menopausal health care, sub-health, treatment of irregular menstruation, and sexual function health care.

Advantage 3:

Traditional Chinese medicine has a unique effect in the rehabilitation of female abortion, after drug abortion, and rehabilitation after various diseases. Aiming at the characteristics of women’s gas consumption, blood loss, and physical weakness during this period, the use of animal, plant and fleshy products such as donkey-hide gelatin, antler gum, longan, purple river cart, velvet antler, red dates, red ginseng, cordyceps, American ginseng, etc. Fully recuperate, regulate endocrine, nourish qi, nourish blood and nourish skin, make qi and blood flow, and the body can recover quickly.

Advantage 4:

In addition to oral Chinese medicine, traditional Chinese medicine treatment also has a variety of comprehensive therapies such as acupuncture, massage, massage, enema, and hot compress. It has a unique therapeutic effect on the treatment, rehabilitation and health care of infertility. Provide more people with a green and natural health care method.

In summary, the prevention and treatment of traditional Chinese medicine for gynecological diseases starts with regulating viscera qi and blood, balancing yin and yang, and fundamental treatment. In addition to the oral and external treatment of traditional Chinese medicine, supplementary treatment from psychological counseling, family cooperation, social adjustment, life adjustment and other aspects, prevention and treatment of “pre-diseased”, the effect is remarkable.

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