case study: the treatment of a critically dangerous patient with Thrombocytosis (essential thrombocythemia)

** Special Note: This is a real case from a TCM practitioner in China recently.  This is for knowledge-sharing only, not for any advice or any advertisement or any other purpose. Each person’s situation is different, and TCM is a totally different system with its own methodology, terminology. TCM is not science.


Platelets, also called thrombocytes, are tiny components of your blood that help with clotting. Platelets are your body’s natural bandage to stop bleeding.

Thrombocytosis involves having an elevated level of platelets in your blood. Platelets are blood cells that form clots to stop bleeding. There are two main types of thrombocytosis: essential thrombocythemia and reactive thrombocytosis. Usually, thrombocytosis isn’t serious. But too many platelets can cause complications like a stroke, heart attack or a clot in your blood vessels.

In this case, it’s the essential thrombocythemia. Check information about this disease from modern medical science:

Essential Thrombocythemia: Definition, Symptoms & Treatment (

Cited from

“Essential thrombocythemia is a rare genetic disorder that affects platelets, the blood cells that control bleeding. People with this condition develop many blood clots. This increases their risk of heart attack or stroke. Healthcare providers treat this condition by reducing platelet levels, which reduces the risk of serious complications.”

Essential thrombocythemia
Essential thrombocythemia

Well, after talking about the relevant content of the so-called modern medicine, it is easy for ordinary readers to understand, and let’s get to the perspective from ancient TCM herbal medicine:

This patient is male, over 60 years old. Because of weak legs. he went to the hospital for an examination and found that the platelet count was 1299 and the platelet volume was 1.460 (diagnosis on Feb 24, 2023).
The doctor immediately informed the patient’s family that the patient was critically ill. Immediately hospitalized. After a series of treatments, the platelet count dropped.
However, after leaving the hospital and returning home, it rose to 1300+ in less than three days (see line 8 PLT). The hospital immediately called him to be hospitalized again. However, the high cost of hospitalization and the helpless effects finally turned him to TCM.

Essential thrombocythemia 1st diagnosis result
1st diagnosis result for Essential thrombocythemia (Feb 24, 2023), see line 8 PLT

The following are the contents of the “four diagnosis”, a traditional full-check by TCM methodology (basically a methodology to check all kinds of body signals):

Deep and stringy pulse, white and greasy fur on tongue, poor appetite, just discharged from hospital, very weak. Poor sleep quality and Excessive urination at night.

Proposed TCM herbal formula:

dried ginger , roasted GanCao , FuLing , raw BaiZhu , LongGu, oyster, magnet, red ginseng, raw HuangQi , raw Di Huang , ChaiHu, GuiZhi , raw FuZi,  (centipede powder,  scorpion powder,  leech powder).

(**Special notes: to avoid potential damage if people mimic this, we purposefully didn’t show the amount of each ingredients; also some ingredients need to be specially treated to reduce toxicity.)

After 5 days, see diagnosis result (see line 8 PLT):

Essential thrombocythemia
2nd diagnosis result of Essential thrombocythemia  (Mar 3, 2023), see line 8 PLT


After another 5 days, it dropped a little again (see line 8 PLT), and the patient became more energetic, and the overall condition improved a lot. The body’s Qi has a tendency to rush upwards.

Essential thrombocythemia
3rd diagnosis of Essential thrombocythemia (Mar 10, 2023), see line 8 PLT

Then change the formula:

raw BanXia,  dried ginger , roasted GanCao , FuLing , raw BaiZhu , LongGu, oyster, magnet, red ginseng, raw HuangQi , raw Di Huang , ChaiHu, GuiZhi , raw FuZi, cinnamon , (centipede powder,  scorpion powder,  leech powder).

This is to open up the Yangming ascending and descending channel, it has dropped a lot, and the state of the patient is better.

After a period of time, the checklist is as follows (see line 8 PLT):

Essential thrombocythemia
4th diagnosis of Essential thrombocythemia (Mar 16, 2023), see line 8 PLT

The follow-up watch and diagnosis document was lost and practitioner couldn’t be bothered to find it (*Note: the diagnosis was done in hospital, and not related to TCM practitioner, and TCM practitioner is NOT related to hospital and can’t access patient’s document. It totally depends on patient to provide it or not. And TCM practitioner usually don’t need those document).

At present, it is basically back to normal level (This result is on May 10, 2023).


Some thoughts: Traditional Chinese medicine treats the disease different, with different methodology and terminology, it is not science. It is absolutely impossible to see the disease name and treat the disease with standard method, especially for critical illness, advanced cancer, etc.. It is necessary to pay special attention to the syndrome differentiation of the six meridians at all times. It is even more necessary to maintain the patient’s Xian Tian and Hou Tian. A famous TCM master often said that “the three Yins are governed by the Taiyin”, and the survival of the vital energy depends on the strength of Qi.


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