Liver System introduction in TCM

   The “Huangdi Neijing” compares the liver to “the officer of a general”, and uses the general’s strong and impatient personality to describe the physiological characteristics of the liver.

   In fact, people with irritable tempers are often irritable. So when a person loses his temper, don’t care about him. why? He couldn’t restrain himself because his liver qi was too strong and turned into anger. An irritable person often slaps the table and yells. He must let out this breath to feel good in his heart, otherwise he will get sick if he is held back in his heart. When this qi dissipated, he would naturally calm down. However, if a person is always angry, the blood pressure may be high, and hepatic fibrosis may be more severe. During the Three Kingdoms period, Zhou Yu burst into a sword wound and fell to the ground and died, which is a typical case of “furiously hurting the liver”. Treat others and yourself with a tolerant attitude. Maintaining peace of mind in life is very important to your health.

   Liver stores blood, we can judge the ups and downs of liver blood from the condition of nails and eyes. The nails on a human hand are a barometer of the ups and downs of liver blood. If the nails are thinner, brittle, and white than the average person, it means that there is insufficient liver blood. The liver opens up to the eyes, and if the eyes are often dry and easy to shed tears in the wind, it indicates that the liver yin and blood are not enough (yin and yang are a basic concept of TCM).

  The liver tree system is abnormal, and there are often symptoms such as painful mouth, dizziness, dry eyes, red eyes, swelling and pain in the ribs, irritability, liver disease, high blood pressure, high blood lipids, and dry nails.

   Then how do we recuperate? The pronunciations of sour, cyan, and hush (xu) are all related to the liver and belong to the liver wood system. Therefore, sour foods such as ebony, vinegar, and Shancha, and green foods such as mint and celery are good liver nourishing products. In addition, chrysanthemum, onion, lychee, papaya, peach, carp and other foods are also representative of liver foods. Frequent “hush (xu)” sound in life is also helpful for liver function.

   Many people feel swelling and pain in their ribs when they are angry. This is because the liver meridian passes through the two ribs. In the culture of health preservation in traditional Chinese medicine, slapping the ribs helps the circulation of qi and blood in the liver meridian, and is a simple and easy way to nourish the liver. For people with irritable irritation, pat on the ribs or gall bladder meridian often helps to clear away irritable irritation.

   Among the many herbs for nourishing the liver, Chinese wolfberry is the first for improving the liver and improving eyesight, Ganoderma lucidum is the best for protecting the liver and detoxifying, and Tianma has the most obvious effect on liver-yang.

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