Treatment of recurrent Gout with TCM Classic Herbal Combination

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A male patient, 30 years old, consulted online on August 2, 2023.

Self-reported hereditary gout, family has rheumatism. His own words: “I started to suffer from foot pain in 2016. In 2019, after eating a lot of seafood, my big toe joint suddenly became swollen and painful. I went to the hospital for an examination and was diagnosed with gout. Since then, I have suffered from foot pain or hand pain due to inadvertent diet. So far, I have experienced several pain attacks, and I have taken Chinese and Western medicine for improvement. In May of this year, the recurrence was severe, and the weight dropped by ~eight lbs. The aggravation in the past two days led to lameness and stinging pain when walking. Lying on the bed at night can only be relieved.

After asking questions, I got following information: ” He is very afraid of heat in summer. When it is a little hot, the whole body feels like sweating. The sweat is all dripping down on the arms, and on the head. Drink a lot of water, and drink more cold water in summer. Slightly loose stools, often sticking to the toilet and not easy to flush, often farting, rarely diarrhea after eating cold food and fruits. Sweating after exercise is very smelly. Past history: history of seborrheic dermatitis on the face, peeling and scabbing when it’s severe. And now has acne, normally face and hair are oily, body skin bleeds and pus after acne is punctured. Pale red tongue, yellowish white greasy fur densely covered with red spots.





Personalized TCM herbal combination, based on three classic formulas: Baihu plus Cangzhu Soup + GeQinlian Soup + PaiNong Powder :

Gypsum 50 Anemarrhena 15 Zhilicorice 10 Japonica rice 20 Atractylodes 15 Pueraria 30 Coptis 9 Scutellaria 9 Bellflower 15 Citrus aurantium 15 Paeoniae Alba 15.  For 3 doses (days).

On the second day, it was reported that it was relieved after taking the herbal medicine. After drinking the 3 doses (days) of the medicine, the pain was obviously relieved, and the sweating decreased.

Then the herbal combination changed to:

Gypsum 40 Anemarrhena 15 Zhigancao 10 Japonica rice 20 Atractylodes 15 Pueraria 30 Coptis 6 Scutellaria baicalensis 6 Phellodendron 9 Achyranthes achyranthes 15 Campanulaceae 15 Citrus aurantium 15 Paeoniae Alba 15 Coix seed 30


(Online Communication that shows the symptoms are relieved)

On August 6, 2023, it was reported that the pain appeared again. After inquiring, I learned that the patient has eaten chicken last night. Then advise him to take a light diet, avoid certain “Fa” food that can make things worse, and continue to take the original herbal combination.

On August 9, 2023, the feedback was that there was no obvious pain, and the skin rash and acne disappeared a lot. The original formula removed Baihu Soup and continued to take 3 doses.

(online communication that shows the pain is relieved and symptoms are relieved)

Herbal Formula Explanation:

In summer, the patient is very afraid of heat, sweat a lot, drink a lot of water, and drink more cold water in summer. This is a classic YangMing symptoms (body signals), so choose Baihu Soup. Because the tongue coating is greasy and wet, add Atractylodes Rhizome; Oily, slightly loose stools, sticky toilets that are not easy to flush, all these body signals showed a combination of TaiYang and YangMing disease, with obvious Yangming damp heat syndrome, So choose GeQinlian Soup; skin acne bleeds blood and pus, so add PaiNong Powder. The patient’s symptoms relapsed due to inadvertent eating, but the syndrome differentiation remained unchanged, so the original herbal combination was continued.

Although this herbal formula solves the symptoms of long-term pain in the gouty joints and the limitation of walking, the patient’s damp-heat constitution has not been completely corrected, and it will still recur in the future. It is advisable to persist in taking herbal medicine to regulate the condition. After the condition corrects the balance of yin and yang, the gout pain will not recur.

All gout patients need to pay attention, TCM herbal medicine is based on personalized syndrome differentiation and treatment, not formulating prescriptions for all gout.



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