Kidney System introduction in TCM

   “The Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classic” believes that the kidney is “the place where the essence is stored, the main bone produces the marrow”, which means it is the engine of life, so ancient physicians also called the kidney “the foundation of the innate.”

  The kidney stores the essence of the reproductive system. If there is a problem in the reproductive system, such as an enlarged prostate, it means that the essence of the kidney is insufficient, and it is necessary to replenish it as soon as possible.

   The common people often say “Ears are blessed.” The principle behind it is that the kidneys resuscitate the ears. If the kidneys are sufficient, the ears will be full and energetic. It is natural to work hard without any disadvantages. Zeng Guopan, a famous official in Qing Dynasty, said that “fame depends on ambition, career depends on spirit”, which means this. People with frequent tinnitus or hearing loss indicate that the kidney qi is not enough.

  What is the kidney dominates the bone? Traditional Chinese medicine believes that whether a person’s bones are strong or not is determined by the surplus and loss of kidney essence. People with osteoporosis need to nourish the essence of the kidneys. If the essence of the kidneys is sufficient, the bones will be strong and strong.

   People have a lot of physiological reactions when they take a walk, one of which is the production of fluid in their mouths. This means that your kidney qi and kidney essence have been replenished, because saliva belongs to kidney water in the theory of the five elements. Therefore, people with kidney yin deficiency will often dry out and lack saliva. This is the lack of kidney essence.

   Then, what are the symptoms of insufficient kidney essence? Common symptoms include weakness in the waist and knees, cold hands and feet, weakness, tinnitus, hair loss, loose teeth, osteoporosis, nocturia, enlarged prostate, sexual dysfunction, infertility, kidney deficiency, and menopausal syndrome.

  According to the Five Elements Health Doctrine, black, salty, blowing (chui) is pronounced

   All related to the kidney belongs to the renal fluid system. Salty seafood is more kidney-tonifying, represented by sea cucumbers and shrimps; black black sesame seeds, black beans, and black-bone chicken are good kidney-tonifying products; in addition, pork kidneys, walnuts, and leeks are also good kidney-tonifying products. Frequent “chui” sounds in daily life can also help kidney function.

  The waist is the home of the kidney. Chinese medicine believes that the weakness of the waist and knees is kidney deficiency. Rotating the waist frequently is good for the kidneys. The traditional health preservation is called “Huanglong”. Tai Chi or Qigong Zhan Zhuang has a key point called loose waist, which is to restore kidney qi by loosening the waist. There is a key acupoint on the waist called Shenshu, which is often beaten on the Shenshu point, which has a good effect on nourishing the essence of the kidney.

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