Lung system introduction in TCM

The prime minister of the human body: the lungs

  ”The Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classic” says: “The lungs are the qi of the whole body, the breathing, the fur, and the opening of the nose.” Therefore, the lungs are called the prime minister of the human body and control the movement of life’s qi machine.

  Sorrow will hinder the operation of the body’s qi machine, so sorrow will hurt the lungs. The sentimental Lin Daiyu was depressed and sorrowful all day, and eventually died of lung disease, from a famous Chinese novel “Hong Lou Meng”. This is a typical example of a big sad lung. Therefore, we should maintain an optimistic attitude and avoid unnecessary sadness, otherwise it will be harmful to the lungs.

   If the disease invades the lungs, causing the lung qi to fall in and out of the lungs and become unsolvable, the following symptoms are common: cough, shortness of breath, hemoptysis, susceptibility to colds, chronic bronchitis, asthma, rhinitis, chronic pharyngitis, etc. Over time, qi stagnation and fire will cause rough skin and acne.

   According to the Five Elements Theory, the pronunciations of white, spicy, and Xi (sound with “shi”) are all related to the lung and belong to the lung gold system. Therefore, white white fungus, lily, and pear are all good products for nourishing lung yin; spicy ginger juice, onion, coriander, etc. can open lung qi, and it is best to take when you are cold and cold. Frequent “呬 (xi sound with “fine”)” in daily life can also help lung function.

Among the acupoints in the meridian of the human body, Yingxiang point is used to treat rhinitis, and this position is often massaged to effectively prevent rhinitis; Tanzhong point is the main point for regulating the Qi of the lungs. It is often beaten here, which is good for many lung diseases. effect.

   Among the fairy grass that nourishes the lungs, nourishing lung yin Fengdou is the first; nourishing lung qi, Cordyceps sinensis is the best; Ganoderma lucidum has the most complete effect, it can nourish lung qi and regulate lung qi.

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